Kickstarter and Con Journal: Three Days To Go

I never get the urge to sing Three Days Grace, because they are horrible.

Isn’t this the best table ever? No? Shut it.

As I talked about, Saturday was the Bellingham Comicon. If you are/were in the Pacific Northwest, I hope you swung by, because it was a smashing good time. The only downside was that I was at my table pretty much the whole time and could only look longingly at a lot of the stuff from afar. There seemed to be a lot of really talented artists there, and a card game I can’t remember that they were demoing on my way to the bathroom. If that is you, contact me. I want to play it!

I was next to Troy Svennes, who hooked me up with the awesome V that had been tempting me all damn day, and Mark J Smith, who I got the clone and jump troopers from, and were great fun and didn’t beat me after hearing me talk about my book for the five millionth time.

V bobblehead. My life is complete.

Also got to hang out with the folks at Larsen Geekery. You should check out their cool stuff. They were super nice and all kinds of excited about 3024AD (Hint: be excited about 3024AD and I will probably like you).

About that. Got to talk to so many people about 3024AD and the response was great (even if people still need to throw more money at the Kickstarter). People really seem to respond to what I’m trying to accomplish with these stories. Hopefully that continues to grow. I certainly look forward to hitting more cons in the coming year.

The real Batman and Loki would have agreed to a cage fight.

Of course, I’d be incredibly remiss if I neglected to that Eric Burris for putting the whole thing on. I can’t wait for next year.

Kickstarter Journal: 10 Days To Go

With 10 days to go, there is a shade over 60% to go. If you’ve been reading this, and haven’t backed yet, please do so now.  Why should you? If you like well-written, thought out stories (not just science fiction), you will like these. If you do like science fiction, you will love them. This isn’t your daddies sci-fi; this takes into account things other series and movies don’t- what is life really going to be like? What are space battle like in zero gravity? What might spaceshipsreally be like? Those are things I address, in addition to a host of compelling characters. $5 will get you the full short story collection in the ebook format of your choice and a desktop wallpaper (I will also drop you an honest-to-goodness thank you note, for what that’s worth). Every little bit helps, so please, pledge now.

[End of commercial]

One thing I’m pretty excited about is the Bellingham Comicon on Saturday. It’s massive, with a whopping attendance of 1,000 people attending last year. Move over, San Diego, right?

OK, so it’s small. But that’s what’s fun- and good- about it. While it’s by no means huge (or even large), I do expect good results from it (quick note: I am going to talk about it from the marketing/Kickstarter perspective, but it’s worth saying I’m pretty excited to go and spend a day talking about my writing with fellow geeks).

While ‘impressions’ (number of people putting eyes on 3024AD) may be more at a large con, what are the odds those people actually follow up on it? For DragonCon, which I wasn’t able to attend, I had a couple thousand ‘teaser cards’ made up and handed out there, with an excerpt & summary of 3024AD. The net effect was… nothing. Not increase (beyond normal) in traffic to the site- and I had far more impressions than I hope to get from the small one here in Bellingham.

It’s simple really- how much swag does one pick up at a con the size of DragonCon? What are the odds every add is followed up on? Pretty slim. So I’m excited for a small, laid back convention where I get to geek out with people and share this project with them.

And if you are in the Pacific Northwest and feel like popping in, admission is $7 and kids under 7 are free. I’ll have some 3024AD swag, along with some fun stuff from Nerdery Public, who I have had the honor of contributing a few pieces to. Hope to see you there!