Interview: E Cathrine Tobler

As part of my week away from the internet, I am interviewing a couple authors. First up is E Cathrine Tobler, who is a fantastic author with a brand-new release, Rings of Anubis: Gold & Glass, which you need to read right this instant. I’ll let her tell you more about it:

Gold & Glass is out now!

Every Writers favorite question: What is Gold & Glass about?

Once upon a time, in the deserts of Egypt, something remarkable happened. Our Heroine, Eleanor Folley, tries to determine exactly what that something was, even though her family doesn’t want her to pursue it. She is aided by the theft of a ring, a man who seems more beast than gentleman, and strangely, the past that has always haunted her.
What was your favorite part of writing it?
My favorite part was “the end”! Beyond that, I had a great time playing with time travel and putting together lives the way you might a book; scene by scene, your life adds up to an extraordinary story. How would you react if you found yourself confronted by that book? Judged by it?
What was the hardest part?
The hardest part was probably getting into viewpoints that were highly unlike my own. The book deals with shape shifters and ancient gods and an opium addict, and while every person who isn’t US is going to be vastly different inside, I found writing The Other a definite challenge in this case.
I’m totally stealing your soundtrack question. Go.
The first three tracks of my soundtrack would be:
1. Twilight Galaxy, Metric –
2. Silk Pajamas, Thomas Dolby –
3. Howl, Florence and the Machine –
What’s next for you?
Silver & Steam, which wraps up the adventures in Gold & Glass, will be out in August!¬† I have a handful of short stories that will be out later this year, and next year…I’m not sure I can talk about that yet. ūüėÄ
If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?
I actually wrote my younger self a letter some time ago, which you can find here: And mostly that holds true: stick with it, younger self. Sometimes, you don’t see the path, but it’s there. I promise.
Take two minutes to write about anything at all:

I haven’t felt like writing this week, I even protest this prompt (how dare he! I just finished a new short and a new novella and I am empty, drained, a husk!), though I know the myth (and the sage advice is) “write every day.” Some days, it’s not there. I’m empty of words, but then I’ll sit quietly, or read, or do something else, and the words will start up again. Perhaps it is strange if you’re not a writer to explain this. I’m not sure what kicks the imagination into overdrive, if it’s just something writers naturally do. I don’t write every day, I don’t submit everything I write, but I finish everything I start, even if it’s a good many years later (as with one recent story). I’m thinking now about stories I want to write, stories I want to revise and expand, and I think too about another story involving the crew from Rings of Anubis. I think about deserts and a solitary patch of shade, and who is working within that scant respite from the heat, and what she’s about to find. I can see it–she’s not pleased, but I am.

Here We Go!

This is it! A year to the day after I started writing in this universe, it is now in your hands! Please, buy it and if you like it, spread the word (Remember- for the first week doing so enters you into the Chuck Wendig/Fireside contest!)

Buy it:

Kindle | Nook | Kobo (coming soon on Google Books and iBooks)

Thank you all!

Odds & Ends

I’ll do a real post tomorrow, but I have just a few things to mention for today as I focus on a few other things (like actually writing).

The Self-promotion Bit:

3024AD: Short Stories Series One is out on the 23rd, which is really close oh em gee. Download a sample here and add it to your GoodReads shelves here.

I am doing a Google+ hangout next Tuesday evening to celebrate the release, and you are all invited. I’ll be doing a reading from the book, some manner of Q&A and hopefully just chatting with all of you. No dress code, sadly BYOB, but I would love it if you pop in and celebrate this milestone with me.

Chuck Wendig, who is not only a fantastic author, but is also one of the best resources a fledgling writer can have, will be writing a TWELVE-part serial for Fireside Magazine. You can have a character named after you in it buying 3024AD & telling others to do the same. Here’s how.


I-love-when-a-plan-comes-togetherIn other great ways to spend your money, are we in for some great movies this summer or what? Iron Man 3, Star Trek, even Superman looks solid. I’m all kinds of excited for them.

Ok, this is kinda self-promotion, but the reaction to my Nerds Feather post, which I whimsically titled ‘the Self-Publishing Manifesto’, has been fun to watch. For the most part, it has been what I expected. Which is to say, self-published authors hate it (One on G+ commented derisively ‘we need a manifesto now?’ I looked at your blog, dude- yes, yes we do) and book bloggers love it. The sad part of that reaction is that many self-publishers still stand behind that flag of ‘we are indie!’ and don’t react by actually improving quality. If it’s the future, then it needs to be better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The future will be much more in the middle than authors having all the control. There are simply too few of them who are good at any other aspects of business for it to be sustainable.

OK, maybe I should have just written a blog post.


3024AD is Finally Here!

April 23rd!

April 23rd!

I’ve been hinting at it, letting some things drop and building up to it, but this is it: April 23rd is the release date for 3024AD: Short Stories Series One. It is written, edited, formatted and ready to go. Review copies begin rolling out today (if you think you should get one, email me at deanfortythree at gmail or leave a comment).

To the right, you see the cover, by the excellent Johnny Atomic. I hope you like it a much as I do.

This has been a long time in coming- almost exactly a year, in fact, but more on that later- and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be ready to release this and share it with you all. It’s quite the step from just posting drafts for people to read on a blog, and hopefully it’s the first of many steps on this little journey.

But let’s focus on the now, shall we? The 23rd of April is about a month away, and there will be some fun stuff leading up to the actual release. For one thing, there will be a giveaway every week via Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Tumblr, for an early copy of it. There will be even more contests around the release, including a chance to have a character in Chuck Wendig’s 12-part serial for Fireside Magazine named after you. There will be some live readings and Q&A type things, likely via Google+, in the coming weeks as well.

This has been a fantastic trip so far, and I am excited about what is to come. Thanks to all of you for being a part of it so far!