Kickstarter Journal: 10 Days To Go

With 10 days to go, there is a shade over 60% to go. If you’ve been reading this, and haven’t backed yet, please do so now.  Why should you? If you like well-written, thought out stories (not just science fiction), you will like these. If you do like science fiction, you will love them. This isn’t your daddies sci-fi; this takes into account things other series and movies don’t- what is life really going to be like? What are space battle like in zero gravity? What might spaceshipsreally be like? Those are things I address, in addition to a host of compelling characters. $5 will get you the full short story collection in the ebook format of your choice and a desktop wallpaper (I will also drop you an honest-to-goodness thank you note, for what that’s worth). Every little bit helps, so please, pledge now.

[End of commercial]

One thing I’m pretty excited about is the Bellingham Comicon on Saturday. It’s massive, with a whopping attendance of 1,000 people attending last year. Move over, San Diego, right?

OK, so it’s small. But that’s what’s fun- and good- about it. While it’s by no means huge (or even large), I do expect good results from it (quick note: I am going to talk about it from the marketing/Kickstarter perspective, but it’s worth saying I’m pretty excited to go and spend a day talking about my writing with fellow geeks).

While ‘impressions’ (number of people putting eyes on 3024AD) may be more at a large con, what are the odds those people actually follow up on it? For DragonCon, which I wasn’t able to attend, I had a couple thousand ‘teaser cards’ made up and handed out there, with an excerpt & summary of 3024AD. The net effect was… nothing. Not increase (beyond normal) in traffic to the site- and I had far more impressions than I hope to get from the small one here in Bellingham.

It’s simple really- how much swag does one pick up at a con the size of DragonCon? What are the odds every add is followed up on? Pretty slim. So I’m excited for a small, laid back convention where I get to geek out with people and share this project with them.

And if you are in the Pacific Northwest and feel like popping in, admission is $7 and kids under 7 are free. I’ll have some 3024AD swag, along with some fun stuff from Nerdery Public, who I have had the honor of contributing a few pieces to. Hope to see you there!



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