A Sense of Purpose

2014, for me at any rate, was a bust. There was plenty of external stuff that’s not worth going into, but there was quite a bit of internal struggle, re: writing. The short version is that I wasn’t happy with the editing with 3024, but didn’t catch the problems until after the book was out. Sales lagged, and I didn’t want to push the marketing too hard on a sub-standard product, so it languished for a while. On top of that, I wasn’t particularly sure if self-publishing was the road I wanted to take in the future, for a whole list of reasons.

But now, I have a direction- or at least, I think I do. So here’s the roundup of all my projects, and my goals and plans for them for 2015:

3024AD: Series One: Finally, finally ready to roll. Books will be sent to Kickstarter backers shortly, along with the other rewards. From there, it is a matter of getting it into bookstores, and pushing marketing, etc. This will take place over the next month and change.

3024AD: Series Two (and more): This has been one of the sticking points for me. My original plan was for 3024 to be a novel, with the short stories being sort of complimentary to it. But, on the whole, I like the idea of telling the whole story through shorts. So, as my outline sits right now, there will be two more collections, but I’d wager that will expand to at least three. It will be like Pulp Fiction, but in space, and everyone dies. OK, not everyone. But most of them. My goal is to have editing done for S2 by June.

Full Length Novel: I am working on two- one is a sort of Steampunk thing, the other pure scifi fun and insanity. The latter is the one I am going to attempt to finish first. I do no know if I will self-publish it, or seek and agent/traditional publisher, and I think that will depend on how the 3024 stuff goes. But, it will be finished by years end.

The Venturess: This is, of course, pure fun. SciFi Choose your Own Adventure. This is a passion project, so my goal for this is to get as many people reading and voting as possible. But I also want to drink and need to eat, so I am in the process of organizing a Patreon campaign around it- that way if you want to chip in, you can, but will keep the project itself completely free. Incidentally, there are now social channels for The Venturess- Twitter, G+ and Tsu so far. Follow it, vote, and if you feel so inclined, keep an eye out for the Patreon.


Big News

I alluded to it earlier today on Twitter, but there is big news coming.

Big news, Everyone!

BIG news.

This is not the post where I tell you that news. Sorry.

This is the post where I say this:

I am saving that news for Friday. BUT, because you guys are awesome, I want to share that news with you sooner. Say, tomorrow. I have several people’s email addresses, but I want to make sure that I reach all my, well, fans (still weird to say that). SO, if you want to be in on the news first please do the following:

Email me (deanfortythree at gmail) with the subject ‘3024ad’.

I will then email y’all tomorrow evening with the news, so that you, hopefully, can spread it in turn come Friday, and on.

I can’t wait to share this with you, and reflecting today on how many of you there actually are to share this with… I’m even more excited.