Booktrack Social Promo

If you haven’t already, head over to BookTrack and check out ‘Unforgiving’. BookTrack is a free service that adds sound effects, music and ambient noise to a story. It gives it a very movie-like feel (I wrote some about it for Nerds Feather).

WOO Free Stuff!

WOO Free Stuff!

The reason I bring it up is because ‘Unforgiving’ has moved to #3 on the ‘most popular’ list over there, but still has just under 500 reads. One of the things I have seen is that very nearly everyone who has read my work enjoys it- even if they don’t usually like SciFi or short stories. As many of you know, one of the biggest obstacles in writing is getting people to find and read you- even $5 on an unproven commodity can be a hard sell. I think BookTrack, as a free service, can be a great way of turning it into a proven commodity. If thousands of people have read something, and it has a high rating, it means it’s probably pretty good, right?

So, in order to get more eyes (and, in this case, ears) on it, I’m going to run a social promo for it. All you have to do is read it, and then share it on the social media channel(s) of your choice. Once ‘Unforgiving‘ hits 1,500 reads, I’ll pick five random people* to receive a 3024AD swag pack (stickers, zipper pull, pin and, ya know, the book).

So there you have it- read a free story, win free stuff! As always, thank you and enjoy!


*sorry, but US and Canada only

Monday Morning Contests

BookmarksMan, I wish there was a strike-through option for titles. In any case, welcome to a special edition of Monday Tuesday Morning Randomness. My Adventures in Indie Publishing post goes up over at Nerds Feather on the 15th, so there will be lots of linky goodness over there. So what better use of this space than to give some stuff away? Here’s how you can win:

  • Repin this.
  • Buy the book (Kindle | Kobo | Nook) and tweet that you did (include the hashtag #3024AD so I can find you)
  • If you’ve read it already, rate it on GoodReads and/or Amazon (NOTE: please rate honestly).

What do you get out of it? If you don’t have the book already, you’ll get a copy of that, plus some of the old promo bookmarks, signed by me (pictured). So, share away!

3024AD: GoodReads Contest Time

3024AD is out now!

3024AD is out now!

We (I) need to get more eyes on 3024AD, so why not have some fun with it, right? So here’s the deal:

  1. Add 3024AD to your GoodReads shelf.
  2. Recommend it on GoodReads (and anywhere else).
  3. For every TEN people that add it, I will give away one copy (digitally)

That’s it! Just get other people to add (preferably buy) it and you could get a free copy. Tweet it, share it, however you want to do it!

Winners will be announced Monday, 5/13! You can, of course, buy it as well: Kindle | Kobo | Nook

3024AD: The Fireside/Chuck Wendig Character Name Giveaway

UPDATE: You can buy it now:

Kindle | Nook | Kobo

So remember a while back, Fireside Magazine had a Kickstarter to fund a year of it’s awesome multi-genre fiction magazine? And that if it got funded, Chuck Wendig would write an epic twelve-part serial? And that one of the Kickstarter rewards was having a character named after you?

This guy could be writing about YOU.

Well, all that is happening. Which is awesome, because Fireside does a lot of great things for the industry– pays authors really well, which I endorse for obvious reasons, and plays host to all manner of awesome stories, including twelve from Chuck.

But there is yet another reason this is awesome- because, from April 23-30, you, my dear reader, will have the opportunity to have a charater named for you in that twelve-part serial- and it won’t cost you $125. Chuck and the Fireside crew have very graciously allowed me to give it away in the form of a social contest, in conjunction with the release of 3024AD: Short Stories Series One. Here’s how you enter:

  1. Buy the book between April 23-30. It will be available in all major e-bookstores on April 23.
  2. Share the link on Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+. On Twitter, use the hashtag #3024AD. Facebook or G+, just tag the 3024AD page.
  3. On May 1, one random person will be selected from each network, and one random winner will be selected from those three (so more shares- more chances to win)

That’s it! Buy it, share the link for others to buy it and you might have a character named after you!

One week until release!