Not that I am really any manner of celebrity, but there are a few personal policies I want to put out there.

Social Media

First off, I’m pretty active in a few places, most notably Twitter and G+. Feel free to add/follow/like me, or whatever. I do not do the follow back thing, though, so don’t expect me to. If you are a self-published author who is only following me so I will follow you back… I’m not gonna follow you back. It’s pretty obvious that this is what you’re doing. If you’re real and interesting, I will probably follow you back. I might think you’re cool and not follow you. Please don’t be offended if I don’t follow you, or add you back, or whatever.

Likewise, I have a Facebook page that is mainly for 3024AD stuff. If you want 3024AD info, like it. I know this isn’t the best ‘marketing strategy’ or whatever, but there it is. That’s all I use it for, so if you’re expecting author-ly stuff, or more personal stuff, this blog and twitter is your best bet.

In all cases, feel free to interact with me however you see fit. I will usually reply. If you have a Kickstarter/blog/book/cause/project you want to promote, a lot of times I’m all too happy to share it and help you spread the word. I won’t be annoyed with you asking for a RT or share or what have you, on the sole condition that you won’t be offended if I don’t share it. There might be any number of reasons I don’t- I don’t like it, I disagree with it, or I have just RT’d ten other Kickstarters and I don’t want to spam my followers. Again, don’t hesitate to ask, but I reserve the right to not share it.


This isn’t a big deal just yet, but I do have a book out that a lot of people seem to like. I hope this keeps up. Autographs are not a big deal for me, but some people collect them and a signed book is pretty rad. So here’s the statement I’m gonna make at this point of my writing career, and strive to live by as more people actually want it:

You never have to pay for my autograph.

The book I’m signing? Yeah, buy that. But if you want it signed, it’s yours for the asking. I’ve seen people young and old have their day (week, month and/or year) made because someone signed something for them. If I have the opportunity to give that to someone, I want to, not make you pay five or ten or however many dollars for it. If you see me at somewhere other than a reading/signing (walking around a con, at the bookstore, getting coffee), I will likely say yes. You guys are helping make a dream com true for me, so don’t hesitate to ask (politely, preferably).

If you are buying online and want it signed send me an email and we’ll work it out (same username as everything else @ gmail).


If you want me to do a reading in your neck of the woods, send me an email. If you know of a place (bookstore, cafe, brewery) that would host it, please include any info you might have. If you have an idea of how many people would attend, that is best (I aim to please, but going to Ohio for two people is hard to justify financially). Again, same usrname @ gmail

Basically the same story for cons, etc. Feel free to contact me, or suggest my name to con organizers.

Review Copies

Just ask!

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