Stories I want to Read

We focus so much on the big names- Batman, The Avengers, Luke Skywalker, etc., which is fine and good, but what about everyone else? Here are stories I want to read:

Insurance Claims Adjuster in the MCU: His name is Marvin. He always wears a white shirt and black tie, the knot is always loose by noon. He is a little pudgy, and plans to go to the gym, but there just isn’t enough time. His marriage isn’t perfect, but it’s OK. His wife talks about Captain America a little too much for his liking, but she doesn’t have to deal with the damage that shield causes, ya know?

Bruce Wayne’s maid: Esmeralda. Let’s be real, Alfred is the butler, but he mostly dispenses sage advice. He doesn’t clean shit. Esmerelda keeps the manor clean. She has a son, and Mr. Wayne has always been good to her. She likes him as more than an employer, but doesn’t want to be forward, since it’s a good job and she’s not sure if he has noticed her. He has, and they would be perfect together, but neither ever makes a move. One day, she notices something amiss with the secret entrance to the Batcave (which she doesn’t know about), and almost opens it, but doesn’t. She moves on, and forgets the incident.

wink gb.gif

this has nothing to do with this post. It’s just great.


Moisture Farmer on Tattooine: Just kidding, this is way too boring.

Random Soldier who Dies: They joined up for a decent reason. They’re not super patriotic, but hey, you get to see the universe and get an education. Turns out they’re a pretty good soldier. Not the best, but a couple promotions and medals. Kept in touch with their BF/GF throughout, and they’re planning on getting married after this last hitch. They are the first one the alien/big baddie kills in a forgettable scene which establishes the plot (of someone else’s story).

I kid (mostly), but in all honestly, those are the people that inspire me to write. We read for lots of different reasons, but the heroes journey works because it lies to us- in real life, there is no ring to throw in Mount Doom, no Darth Vader. In real life, we go to boring jobs, and never go on grand adventures. These stories let us pretend we can.

3024_Kindle_2015But what about the average person in those universes? And what about the momentous events in history, just like the real ones from our history- what are they like in those far-flung universes?

Thinking about those people is what drove a lot of 3024AD- there is something happening, but it is happening outside of the lives of the people met in this series of stories – but it still affects them. They’re living ordinary (sorta) lives, and the universe is changing. Some of them have a  hand in it, some are just along for the ride. Some will be at the center of it, but like real history, are actually powerless to change it.

Sorry for the commercial (sorta). This started off as a semi-serious post about those stories, then I got on the “that’s-what-I-write” tangent. If that sounds good to you… *nudge nudge*



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