Dear Authors

Come on in, guys. Grab a seat anywhere. You need a drink? No? OK. You? OK, good.

Look, gang, we need to talk about this:

Again. Look, everybody, it’s simple: Don’t do this.

Here’s the thing: I know how you feel. It’s your baby. You worked on it, stayed up way too late, ignored friends and family and you, yeah, buddy, you, are going to be the next Tolkien/Rowling/Asimov/Whoever. This is your ticket. And man, you had a free day, and a bunch of people discovered it, and read it and… they hated it. Or didn’t like it very much. And boy, that stung.

But here’s the thing… All those great authors you want to be? They took the same chance you did. And they were stung along the way too. And- this might hurt- but they are probably better authors than you are. And if they are not, they didn’t get where they are by attacking their readers- even if the readers didn’t like what they wrote.

Because you garner exactly no goodwill, from that reader or any other, when you do this. Time and time again, authors do this- get a bad review, and lash out. Again- DO. NOT. DO. THIS. How people think this will get them anywhere is beyond me. But it happens about once a month. And you know what? I never hear of those authors again! It’s almost as if railing on readers and reviewers did their careers no good whatsoever!

So, in conclusion, don’t do that.



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