Age of Ultron – Random Thoughts

Managed to (finally) catch Age of Ultron last night, and mostly what I have is a bunch of random thoughts, that are far too long for the twitters. So you get them here!! Feel free to comment, or poke me on twitter, because I want to talk about them! So many thoughts!

Oh, and be tee dubs. This isn’t a review, it’s my thoughts on the movie, so SPOILER ALERT and whatnot.

-The writing was bloody fantastic. I went in with very low expectations, and was impressed. I liked this movie more than the first Avengers. It felt smarter, with a more defined antagonist. The first one felt more like OMG AVENGERS and just watching them do awesome stuff. Ultron was more… well, let’s get into that.

-Holy character development, Batman. Aside from Thor, every character seemed to grow. I spent most of the movie going back and forth between who I loved most. If the movie was nothing but Banner and Nat, I would have been 100% OK with it. Their growth, tragic romance (*shovels popcorn*), holy cow the bedroom conversation, all of that was amazing. And of course, for Hawkeye (AGAIN: SPOILERS), it seems basic to say he advanced a ton. He felt like the third (or, like, eighth) wheel. He was just kind of there so far, but I love what they did with him- he’s still a third wheel, but you know who he is and why now. Also he has some of the movies best lines, and certainly more self-awareness than the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. “The city is flying… We’re fighting robots… And I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes any sense” is the best part of the whole damn movie, because it nails it. It doesn’t make sense, but goddamn if it isn’t fun.

-I loved the last scene between Steve and Tony. With the events of Civil War looming (and what happens between them in the comics *sobs*), it made it tragic and bittersweet.

-On the subject of Cap, while I have developed a serious Hawkeye crush, I love what the MCU has done for him. He was never my favorite in comics, mostly because no one has ever described me as a patriot and he was a commercial for America. But in the MCU he is much deeper, and Steve is an incredibly well-rounded character. I can’t wait for Civil War, even though it’s gonna break my heart, since I’m basically Tony.

-I would have really liked to see (at least) Falcon play a larger role. He had, basically, a glorified cameo. And he’s awesome. Ditto Rhodey. We’re not gonna talk about that here, OK? *glares at the room* They know what they did. No, I said we’re not talking about it.

-The acting was also superb. James Spader was nothing short of brilliant as Ultron. I love that he wasn’t the cold, unfeeling robot. There is some snark to him. Ruffalo is equally brilliant as Banner, and his facial expressions alone sell the conflict within him. I love nearly all things Jeremy Renner, and again, he is amazing as Hawkeye (and before you talk about THAT, read THIS)(ugh, now I’m angry again) (ugh, we’re not talking about gender and race in comics) (but seriously, is it that hard to write something other than white males?)(DAMMIT I SAID WE’RE NOT NOT TALKING ABOUT IT).

-It was a fun movie. Go see it.

-Oh, I am super glad they cut out at “Avengers A-“


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