Are Writers Jerks?

The title, incidentally, is from what is far and away my favorite segment of the Daily Show. Enjoy. On to your regularly scheduled rant.

I hadn’t intended to comment on this; that is, the Stacey Jay Kickstarter campaign which caused some to-do recently, since it doesn’t bear commenting on. I talked about it some with friends on teh Twitters, but as it wasn’t egregiously stupid or in violation of Kickstarter’s ToS, I moved on. I have no problem taking a stupid campaign to task, but for this, well, not really a big deal. Raising an excess of $10,000 for a work of fiction is a pretty high task, and if it produced the promised product, well, then, function achieved. Not how I would go about it, probably, but hey, not my project.

This is probably what Matt would term one of my more curmudgeonly gripes, but for as much as I love a lot about social media, the reaction to everything is the same: Complete outrage. This applies equally to lightsaber crossguards in a minute-and-a-half long trailer as equally as it does to actual, literal crimes against humanity. So, in true writerly fashion, the internet blew up at Stacey Jay. This brings us to the titular game: Are Writers Jerks? Let’s play. It’s a simple game: we examine the timeline, and you get to decide. There are Stitch .gifs.

January 3: Stacey Jay launches her Kickstarter.

January 6: Under an avalanche of criticism for using the funds to pay her bills, the Kickstarter comes down.

stich cry

Her general reaction is to, basically, pout. She writes a blog post about it, essentially apologizing for doing, basically, what Kickstarter is meant to do. But she decides to disappear for a while, pull the plug on her social media, etc. Not that I blame her, but still.

stitch cranky

So, of course, she receives more criticism and some crosses the line into abuse- someone sends her an aerial view of her house, among other things.

stitch crazy

Writers & book people rush to her aid- by buying the books she already has out.

stitch eyes

UPDATE: Apparently she is done pouting! All her social media has been restored and she has a blog post about ‘transparency’ (which is good) and how she’ll fight on, or whatever. I’m sure having the support of tons of notable authors didn’t hurt.

shut up

Literally everything in the process makes me react like Stitch in that last gif. She took an absolute bludgeoning over the Kickstarter, then people can’t respect her privacy, then those same people from category A all rush out to buy her books.

Are writers jerks?


PS to Stacey, if you read this: Please do something about your header image on your website. It makes my eyes bleed.


3 thoughts on “Are Writers Jerks?

  1. kariannwrites says:

    I’m a little shocked that people are so upset that anyone would think that someone needed to keep a day job or make those pesky electricity payments while also gathering KS pledges. Selling something at cost or profit is egregious to those who sell at loss for years on end. How dare she succeed?

  2. Katie Cross says:

    So, you’re asking if the writers who bludgeoned her are jerks, or if those who flocked to her aid to by her books are jerks?

    I can’t help myself. I have to reference the kickstarter campaign for potato salad. Didn’t that guy raise thousands of dollars just to make a potato salad?

    I must share this on FB. I must, I must.

    • deanfortythree says:

      Both, basically. Every reaction to the whole thing as completely idiotic. Her KS isn’t maybe what I would have done, but there was nothing wrong with it, and it violated no ToS, so people bashed her, but then people went WAY too far, and the FIRST people suddenly supported her. Just mind-boggling stupidity.

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