Monday Morning Randomness

Links & Goodies from the last couple weeks:

Hot Damn Scandal

Hot Damn Scandal

I went to a Hot Damn Scandal show last night, and they were awesome as always. If you like folk and/or blues, you need to be listening to them. They’re new album, Different Tongues, is out now and it is amazing.

And Marian Call is coming to town this Friday, so if I can get Vance and SciFi Romance up here, my folk-band-obsession will basically be sated. So if you’re in Bellingham, hit up Cafe Adagio Friday at 6:30. Free show, $10 suggested donation.

I reviewed Gerry & the Gin Factory by Kirk Battle, and, basically, you should read it. It’s five short stories, all very solid, that range in tone, but are all good. For someone who writes a lot of them, I have a hard time getting into short fiction, but this drew me in.

Speaking of my stuff, still plowing away at both more 3024AD stuff, plus another new project. This is the part where I tell you to go pick up my book, or get it for the price of a tweet (links to the right). If you need a reason to, Scott Whitmore wrote an excellent review, plus interviewed me. Enjoy.

That’s all for now!


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