That’s the obligatory life-changes-blog-post title, right? Anyway, this is probably only of interest to a few of you, but now you’re stuck with it.

anyway, the short version is that I start up a new day job in a week. If you follow me on teh twitters, you may have seen that I was in talks with a company in Portland, which is pretty high on my ‘list o’ cities to live in one day’. It was a pretty good sounding gig, engineering-wise, and we were batting eyelashes across the dancefloor, but then someone else asked me to dance first. Not as cute, maybe, but in the long run, better, in that it will be less stressful (if you were around a year ago, you know that a lot of 3024 was written as an exercise to keep me out of prison) and allow me to focus on building my writing career. So I am excited about that. It shouldn’t really affect things here or, more importantly, book-wise, save that I’ll actually be forced to schedule more so you might see new stuff faster (by the way, news on new stuff coming soon!).


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