In Hiding

I’ve been kicking this around for a bit, and the time has come: I am going to do a no-internet week. OK, except email and Netflix. I’m not suicidal. But I’ll be mostly writing and ignoring social media, etc. I need a social cleanse, more than anything. Never fear, dear reader, I won’t leave you barren. I’m taking the week of July 8 off, and have arranged for several guest posts, interviews and a piece of original fiction from a guest author. So there is much to look forward to. If you want to participate, just send me an email.

One thing I would really like is a reader interview- so if you’re read 3024AD and want to have some fun, send me an email (deanfortythree at gmail) and I’ll send you back a few questions.

In other news, I just approved the proofs, so soon you will be able to buy the paperback edition of 3024AD. Over the next couple weeks, you will have a bunch of chances to win a copy, starting with this GoodReads contest. If you haven’t yet, please grab a e-copy (see links to the right). You won’t regret it (probably).

Short, random post, I know, so enjoy the song I borrowed the title from:



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