Writing Prompt: Floating Ruins

Last week I featured a piece by Alexander Chelyshev, and poking around his DeviantArt page, I saw another one that I had to share. Feel free to make up a story based on these floating ruins:


4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Floating Ruins

  1. The Concierge Queen says:

    This pic is awesome — I write science fiction fantasy and I often take a stroll through 3-D Fantasy or SciFi art to get some inspiration! If I had to make up something on the spot — just a quick synopsis b/c…well…its fun…I would say:

    These two boys are apart of a traveling colony…they live on a Space Station that currently holds the last known colony from Earth. War devastated the planet thousands of years ago forcing the remaining survivors to search for other worlds to colonize. In a solar system many light years from their own the space station detected a planet whose atmosphere was very similiar to earth…it was uncharted and seemingly uninhabited. These two young men are a part of scouting party. Most of the remaining colony are young. They are getting low on resources and living in a galactic slum on board the Space Station. They must find a planet that can supply them with the resources they need to stay alive.
    As their scouting ship lands, all around them they notice the floating rocks. There ship lands in an open field near a tall hill. They make their way up the hill, one more eager than the other to see what lies ahead. As the two make it to the top they are in awe of what they see. A broken city look to be left in ruims thousands of years ago. Empty and silen. They think to themselves…”I wonder what happened here and who they were…”

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