Story Notes: Unforgiving

Right in the middle of the Kickstarter campaign- when it looked like it would actually get funded- I logged into Twitter and clicked over to the interaction tab and saw this tweet. It, of course, made my day, and through a variety of circumstances, my plans for the cover art fell through, so I emailed Johnny asking if I could use his art for the cover- he (obviously) agreed, resulting in the cover in the sidebar there.



I couldn’t be happier because from the first time I saw that piece, I felt like it really captured the 3024AD universe- cold and unforgiving. So I love that it’s on the cover (BTW, if you are an author in need of a cover, he has a pretty sweet deal).

I wanted a story that equally captured the essence of the universe- it’s not some dystopian hyperbole, but it’s harsh. It’s set at a time of expansion, similar to the British Empire of old, with colonies all over, some greatly supported, some… not so much. This collection covers most of those, mostly through Digger’s eyes, but I wanted a story that captured that feel and gave it to the reader in one dose.

I kicked around a few ideas before settling on this one- following a recruit through his first battle experience. So we meet Corey White, a listless teenager who joins up to find some purpose in his life. He turned out to be much more fun to write than I had imagined. It worked, too, as he felt at home with structure in the military, ending up as a gunner on a destroyer. I won’t say much about what happens after that, except that you should pay special attention to the final story, Possession (which is my favorite part of the whole thing).

In any case, I really enjoyed how it turned out and fits in. It serves as, I feel, a powerful introduction to the universe that sets the stage for what is to come. I hope you agree!



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