Story Notes: GalSpan ‘Havok’ Fighter

The Havok fighter first appears in ‘Escort Duty’ which, for my money, is probably the funnest story in the collection. I wrote it before ‘Unforgiving’, which opens the collection, mostly because I wanted something that had more action than a lot of the stories do. Not that I the others are lacking action, but it gave me a chance to explore things from a different perspective; namely, that of a GalSpan employee. 

GalSpan's Havok fighter

GalSpan’s Havok fighter, Lego version

GalSpan, as an entity within the 3024AD universe, is not a unique concept- you don’t have to look far to find examples in fiction of giant, amoral corporations- but the thought of a fully militarized corporation is a big part of what happens on the periphery of this collection and is central to the next book (which is, incidentally, a novel, so if you don’t like the semi-sequential manner in which this collection works, you’ll be more at home with the next one). In addition, it emphasizes that a career that is fairly alien to you and I is entirely commonplace and respected- namely, that of being employed by a corporation to fight and kill for it.

Which brings us back to the fighter itself. I actually built it out of Legos years ago, and always wanted to use it in something. Since GalSpan is at the center of most of what happens from here on out (which is only sort of a spoiler), it feels right at home in the 3024AD. The original construction was taken apart years ago, and took me about two days (between writing) to rebuild it (the first one actually didn’t have a stand, and let me tell you, best idea ever. It doesn’t sit well on the lower stabilizers). Here are the (Lego) stats:

Wingspan: 48″

Height: 7″ (stabilizers down)/ 12″ (stabilizers up)

Length: 10″

If you want to read about it in action, the links are at the right!


Front 3/4

Front 3/4


Starboard missile hardpoints

Cockpit detail. The console folds down for access.

Cockpit detail. The console folds down for access.

Rear 3/4, stabilizers up (in its home in the office)

Rear 3/4, stabilizers up (in its home in the office)


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