Writing Wednesday: Writing Comfortably

One thing that always fascinates me is the spaces various writers work(ed) in. They range from cluttered to spotless, large and small and everywhere in between. I am always interested to hear how others space is, so please, chime in with

what you like. It interests me because I am very particular about the space I write in.

My home office

My home office

For example, I have an office at home, and while I am far from the cleanest person on the planet, I cannot write until it’s clean. Not spotless, but the desk has to be tidy and everything in the room has to be in its place (case in point: I managed to write that first paragraph before I had to clean up yesterdays notes that were left out before I could continue).

My office away from home

My office away from home

My other favorite writing spot is the Book Fare cafe in Village Books. It is wonderful for a host of reasons (not the least of which is the lox on a bagel), but there are several wonderful things about writing there. For one thing, it’s in a bookstore, on the third floor so I always find it a motivating walk up, all the books I pass serve to remind me of my goals in even being there. Of course, it has all the standard cafe tables, which are comfortable enough, but in the back corner, there is a (somewhat rickety) chair, with a small table next to it, right next to the window. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen the view- it looks over the Village Green in Fairhaven, and past that, the bay. Now, the thing you hear about Washington is that it rains here, right? The thing no one ever talks about it that it still looks amazing. Even when clouds are rolling it, or it’s pouring rain out, it’s still a gorgeous, tranquil view. To me, it’s nearly the perfect setting to write in.

Why does this matter? Because writing, as a profession, isn’t bagging groceries- that is to say, it’s not something that you just go do (maybe for some people it is). It’s creative, and temperamental (as writers themselves frequently are). So in much the same way a solid routine will help writing to flow, a space you are comfortable in will limit distractions, allowing you to focus on writing itself.

You might not have space or money for some of the things some of those writers have, or even for your ideal space, but here’s the fact: you don’t need your ideal space, it just has to function. The majority of my first release was written between midnight and 2AM while working between 50 and 70 hours a week at a day job that was sucking my soul dry. The situation was far from ideal, and goodness knows I wasn’t as in tune with what I even wanted out of a writing space, but it worked. You might not be able to have exactly the space you want, but work with what you have, and it can be perfectly comfortable.

What about you? Where do you write? What’s your ideal space?


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