The Bloody 100th

This weeks Writing Wednesday post was No. 100 for this blog. It’s a pretty big milestone for me, blogging-wise, which I didn’t always think I’d get to in those times when I was stuck for what to write about and went through many of the lulls blogs tend to. I feel like I’m hitting my stride here, it’s easier and easier to have topics to write about (the features help tremendously) and so this blog will continue to grow and be a resource for other writers, readers and geeks. In any case, thank you for reading- I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


PS to those of you who are not military history nerds, the title is a reference to the 100th Heavy Bomb Group, part of the eighth air force during WWII (it’s now an air refueling wing). The story goes that one of the B-17s was damaged over Germany, and its engine was on fire, so it lowered landing gear in surrender. Two German 109’s formed up with it and escorted to a German air base. As it got close, the engine stopped smoking, so they raised their landing gear and opened fire on the 109’s. Every German aircraft in the vicinity to the 17 apart, and from then on, sought out members of the 100th.


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