Writing Wednesday: Getting Over Rejection

Rejection sucks. The next person who loves haring ‘no thanks, you’re not good enough’ will be the first. If you’re a writer, you get rejected far more than you get accepted. It’s never fun, but it’s part of the business.  So what can help ease the sting of rejection?

Stitch gifs help, too

Stitch gifs help, too

Perspective: There are a few things that need to be kept in mind. One, for most publishers and editors, it’s a numbers game. They can only afford to publish so many many stories, so out of hundreds of

submissions, they can only pick a few. Your story might be fine, it might not, but look at it from their perspective.

Rejection from one place is just that- one place. Submit it to the next place- maybe they’re a better fit for you anyway! Don’t get hung up on one, or two, or three (you get the idea). Remember there are more fish in the sea, and to quote the inestimable Dory, keep swimming.

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Writing: Think of it like getting out of a relationship. Do some rebound writing. Writing is a pretty emotional thing, so take the emotions you have and write another story. Being productive will make you feel better and take your mind off the last rejection. And who knows? Maybe the story you produce will be better than the one that got rejected.

Be Bummed About It: Read the rejection. Have a drink, or chocolate, or whatever, and feel sorry for yourself. For a bit. Set a time limit on it, then move on and never think of it again. There’s nothing wrong with being unhappy about being rejected. Just do not allow it to cripple you.

Get Accepted: Easier said than done, right? But strive towards that goal. Improve your writing, your stories, just work to get better and you’ll get there and it will be awesome. Keep faith in yourself and don’t get discouraged.


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