Story Notes: Digger

With the release of 3024AD: Short Stories Series One, I thought I’d revive the ‘story notes’ feature and pull back the curtain on my writing process a bit. Enjoy!

Digger-8x10Digger is as close to a main character as there is in SSS1, his story woven through all the others. Initially, he was sort of an accident- a character for a short, like any of the others. But the story just kept going, reaching 9,000 words before it was halfway finished and I realized there was a lot more to him. So I scrapped that story (which was later re-written as The Gathering Storm and partially, Pride of the Empire. Incidentally, the original version introduced evidence of alien life and I didn’t want that in 3024AD, so that was part of the reason too). I went back and wrote Ruins of New York, which is something of his origin story, since that’s where he picks up the ‘Digger’ nickname.

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The really fun thing about writing him was his ‘sandbox’ quality- most everything I write is outlined in every way, and so were his stories, but I could just put him in a situation and see what happened. This lead to Worlds Away, which is probably my favorite story in the whole collection. I love a story that covers all the bases- action, drama, etc- and I feel really good about how it turned out.

The problem with Digger’s enjoyable sandbox is that it can’t last forever, and his whole secret past catches up to him- and events outside the proper of this collection force his hand (these will be covered later, up-close-and-personal style), but it was fun to see how he’d respond to that. The result is a character that is now central to the whole universe, and has a large role to play.



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