It’s Almost Time!

Better late than never for a blog post today, I suppose, but I do hope you’ll all forgive me for being a little out of my head today. I am excited to see what tomorrow and the coming days will bring, and I am trying not to get ahead of myself, but, to be honest, it’s hard not to when the early returns have been so encouraging (and I have received comments to the effect that we can expect a lot more along those lines).

In short, I’m excited.


I am going to take this opportunity to gush a little about my editor, Corissa Poley. I talked over the last couple weeks about my dream of doing this whole writing thing as a career. I don’t know what other people who dream about being writers dream of, but for me, it was more than just cranking out books. One of the things I always wanted, in large part because of the types of books I wanted to write, was the editor that was more than just an editor. I wanted someone who got what I was trying to do. Corissa is all that and more. I was completely prepared to work my way through several editors, take my lumps as it were, before I found one that clicked. But from day one, Corissa and I clicked- she got the universe, the story, how I write, all that. She gets all of it, and being able to call her up randomly and go what if I do this is a great benefit. She does a hell of a lot more than fix my typos (that is a job for several people). For as much as I harp on quality from indie’s, it’s been a blessing having her work with me on this/

As I’ve said before, having a book out is a dream come true for me. There are a lot of other dreams I have (like, say, the next book) that are yet to come, but working with Corissa has greatly helped me to achieve this one. So, thanks Corissa! You rock.



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