Odds & Ends

I’ll do a real post tomorrow, but I have just a few things to mention for today as I focus on a few other things (like actually writing).

The Self-promotion Bit:

3024AD: Short Stories Series One is out on the 23rd, which is really close oh em gee. Download a sample here and add it to your GoodReads shelves here.

I am doing a Google+ hangout next Tuesday evening to celebrate the release, and you are all invited. I’ll be doing a reading from the book, some manner of Q&A and hopefully just chatting with all of you. No dress code, sadly BYOB, but I would love it if you pop in and celebrate this milestone with me.

Chuck Wendig, who is not only a fantastic author, but is also one of the best resources a fledgling writer can have, will be writing a TWELVE-part serial for Fireside Magazine. You can have a character named after you in it buying 3024AD & telling others to do the same. Here’s how.


I-love-when-a-plan-comes-togetherIn other great ways to spend your money, are we in for some great movies this summer or what? Iron Man 3, Star Trek, even Superman looks solid. I’m all kinds of excited for them.

Ok, this is kinda self-promotion, but the reaction to my Nerds Feather post, which I whimsically titled ‘the Self-Publishing Manifesto’, has been fun to watch. For the most part, it has been what I expected. Which is to say, self-published authors hate it (One on G+ commented derisively ‘we need a manifesto now?’ I looked at your blog, dude- yes, yes we do) and book bloggers love it. The sad part of that reaction is that many self-publishers still stand behind that flag of ‘we are indie!’ and don’t react by actually improving quality. If it’s the future, then it needs to be better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The future will be much more in the middle than authors having all the control. There are simply too few of them who are good at any other aspects of business for it to be sustainable.

OK, maybe I should have just written a blog post.



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