A Quick Note on the Amazon/GoodReads Thing

I wasn’t even going to write about this, but it’s still making the rounds, so I’ll throw in a couple things:

It is very unlikely that there is anything to get worked up over. Obviously, it’s big news from a who-owns-what standpoint. But I don’t think it’s an issue for a couple reasons:

  • GoodReads already draws from Amazon. A book doesn’t appear there until it’s on Amazon. So Amazon certainly isn’t going to mess with that.
  • In fact, they probably won’t mess with much. Maybe the ads system, which isn’t a bad thing, either. Or for gods sake, the interface. Give that some love.
  • It will be integrated with Kindle. More on this later, but my lips aren’t as firmly on Amazon’s rear as Howley’s are, but come on. This benefits authors all over the place. More reader access to reviews will only help- as I’ve mentioned before, this is just the direction it’s going.
  • Judging from the job postings, it looks like a lot will be improved- mobile, ads, analytics and marketing all have positions that will be added. Sometimes the big guys deep pockets are a good thing.

So… Everybody take a deep breath, get out of the lifeboats and let’s see where this goes.


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