What is 3024AD?

From the back matter:

In the future, humanity is still much itself. The modern world has expanded into outer space, and thousands of businesses and corporations possess planets instead of factories. Slavery is common. Frontier planets, barely livable, are worked only by the bravest. The last bar on Earth’s moon is a questionable locale. New York City is a commonly known archaeological dig. The conquered universe is as a political mine, ready to explode on dozens of stations and planets. Meanwhile, Badger chases freedom. Magdalena Aznar chases ideals. Sabrina Trent chases the past. Digger is simply an anomaly.

This collection of stories reaches into the future one thousand years. It relays the beginnings of many persons, and hides even more about their pasts, with only a hint of a promise of revelation. Read onward for rapid space battles, deathly cost, rebellion, and mystery, but only if you care to discover danger in 3024 A.D.


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