Monday Morning Randomness

My new Adventures in Indie Publishing is up over at Nerds Feather, and I talk about small, hybrid-style presses and their growing popularity. Enjoy.

In Kickstarter-related geekiness, the Machine of Death Kickstarter ends today, and will hit nearly $500,000 (with a push, will clear it), while Veronica Mars continues its quest to take all the money in the world, now nearing $3.7 million. Craaazy. As usual, Chuck Wendig has a must-read post on the subject.

OK, I’m gonna speak to that point for just a second, RE: everyone who is freaking out. A lot of people like Veronica Mars. So far, 55,365 have chipped in at an average of $65 apiece. This is obviously higher than the average $25-35 pledge, but it doesn’t mean people are taking their Kickstarter dollars and forgetting everything else. Most projects don’t need tens of thousands of supporters or millions of dollars. If every one of those people takes $10 and throws it to some other projects, a lot of projects will get funded- and that’s what is likely to happen. So keep your pants on.

Not a huge mixed drink guy (extra dry martini, please. And no, martinis are not made from vodka), but the Bicyclette is something I’ll mix up this summer.

I want a room decorated in oversized books.

More on this in a bit, but April 23rd is the release date for 3024AD: Series One. I’ll have some cool promo stuff this week, as well as review copies. If you want to write a review (preferably a glowing, five-star one), let me know.


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