Don’t Believe the Hype

You will pretty find me leading the bash-50-Shades-of-Grey-its-Ilk charge, because it’s fun and easy and I like fun and easy jokes. I will also fly the flag for high standards across all publishing, self, small press and the big five-formerly-six. As I writer (as a good writer, especially, or so I like to cry into my whiskey late at night), bad books bug me. Poorly written books bug me.

But, reflecting on yesterdays huge topic of the new head of the international child molesters guild Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter, I had an epiphany:

Who cares?

OK, so that’s not an epiphany at all. In fact, my friend Sarah (not that Sarah, the other one) said it pretty well the other day on teh twitters:

You can avoid her books because they’re bad, but EL James is smart. She found an audience and she catered to them. Don’t hate her for that.

Pretty sage, yeah? Lately people are all up in arms to one extent or another, you’ll hear about the death of publishing, how self-publishing is saturating the market with crap, but look at Twilight and 50 Shades, for crissake, you’ll never make it if you self-pub, you’ll submit for years and never get anything if you go traditional oh god it never ends.

Who cares?

I was going to have a pic of EL James but she's really ugly

I feel icky just looking at it.

Don’t sweat anyone else. Not Stephanie Meyers, not E.L. James, not Hugh Howley, not that one guy you know who self-published that book that is a poorly-written copy of Lord of the Rings, none of them. Knuckle down, write the best story you can,  edit it until you hate it, publish it through whatever means you feel is the most viable (based on your extensive research), and block out all the noise while you do.

But seriously, she’s pretty much the worst ever, isn’t she?


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