Monday Morning Randomness

I lieu of actual inspiration, I think I’ll start a couple ‘features’ here on ye olde blog(e). I’ll start with a Monday morning news/recap type of thing.

  • In 3024AD news, I just sent Series One out for final edits, and will hopefully have that turned around within the next month. I’m going to hold off on a firm release date until it is 100% ready to go, so stay tuned.
  • Staying with 3024AD, the site will be re-done and re-purposed. Instead of posting the drafts of short stories, it will serve as sort of a wiki for the universe. There will be some shorts available for download for free, but for the most part, it will serve as background for the universe.
  • Outside of that, did you know I write a column once a month for Nerds Feather? Because I totally do, and you should read it. It’s all about indie books and publishing, so if you’re an indie author or publisher and there’s anything you want me to ramble about, let me know.
  • You already know that JJ Abrams is directing the next Star Wars, and if you’re freaking out about it, I offer the same advice I did when the Disney news broke: Chill the eff out. Star Wars is already commercialized. There are already horrible prequels. It’s not going to get worse, and Disney and Abrams are the best (new?) hope for bringing it back to glory. So let’s let it play out.
  • I have been playing The Old Republic again, and I still find it a blast to play. Hardcore gamers won’t, but for a casual gamer, it’s a great MMO. Am I alone, however, in thinking that Stargate would make for an awesome MMO? Someone get on this. If you need a writer, call me.
  • I feel like I should have some sort of conclusion here.

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