On Short Stories

With the release of the first volume of short stories imminent, I have been reflecting on the time since I started writing 3024AD. It’s been almost a year now since I started these shorts, and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing them and sharing the drafts with you all, but actually, promotion wasn’t really why I wrote them

I have always written novels. I’ve scrapped every one, for a variety of reasons, but one thing that was common in those boneyard-bound books was that I never felt like my writing was ‘mature’ enough for me to be proud of. There is a lot of immature garbage out there that sells like hotcakes, and every year or so someone gets all excited because a teenager gets a novel published and it becomes a bestseller and movie in spite of not being very good. I never wanted to be that, and I scrapped some stories that (I was told) were pretty good because I wasn’t happy with them.

Meanwhile, while being a pretty courageous and outgoing individual, I do possess the traditional artists fear of actually showing anyone my work. So, aware of these things as I started work on a universe I was proud of, that I liked, that I wanted people to see, I had to find a way to mitigate these issues.

I decided to try my hand at short stories set in that universe. Short stories have always been hard for me, not (only) because I’m verbose, but because I love world creation and have a hard time writing something that isn’t an entire universe. But writing them, set in a larger universe, would help me learn to be more concise in my writing; more mature. In addition, I decided to post the drafts and invite criticism, which I handle with the grace and dignity of a soccer riot.  But, I figured, they’re drafts, I’ll see what people think, what they have to say, and if it’s worth continuing.

For the most part, people have loved them. They have found my typos (which isn’t that hard). They love the stories, and the characters. That- and getting used to criticism- has helped me get over my fear of showing my work to people. Now, I want to. Anything I finish I instantly want to share. Hopefully you will like the edited and expanded series of shorts (which is essentially a serialized novel), and the rest of the 3024AD universe.



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