Story Notes: Series Two

I don’t usually do prologues, although I do enjoy them. They are often largely unnecessary, though, and the backstory they convey can be used to create suspense within the story proper.

The murder of Henry and Martha Teach, however, is significant for a number of reasons within the 3024AD universe, and not just to introduce one of the second series main characters, James Teach. Those reasons will be explored later, but it was important to have a few moments with them- even if it is their final moments.

A lot happens in the fourteen years between the events in the prologue and 3024 and we’ll pick up with James’ adult life next week. Most of it will be addressed directly in one form or another, but it’s worth pointing out outside of the fourth wall that the anti-piracy measures enacted by Lord Teach don’t work, mostly because of the wholesale embracing of privateers by the British Empire (as well as other governments). If you’re keeping score at home, that makes for three major military players within the British Empire- GalSpan’s ‘private’ navy, the official British Military and the contracted pirates, or privateers.

That may be important later.



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