Kickstarter: Good Projects

Hey all,

First off, if you’re on the East Coast of these United States, I hope this finds you dry and safe. Well, I do hope that for all of you, but today more so for those in the path of Sandy.

If you are dry and safe wherever you are, I’m sure since this Kickstarter campaign did not gt funded, you are wondering to do with that money. Allow me to point you towards some projects I like:

The Wardenclyffe Horror is a graphic novel the features Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain. If you didn’t back it after that sentence, I don’t really know if we can be friends anymore.

The Further Travels of Wyatt Earp is a comic book about (obviously) Wyatt Earp. If you are a fan of spaghetti westerns, you’ll like this.

The Marvel is a book that is written at a graphic novels pace, making for fast, fun reading. It follows a junkie who takes a bottle of unmarked pill and wakes up in a totally different world (don’t take unmarked pills, kids).

You can also just paypal me the money, or whatever (note: just kidding).



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