3024AD: What’s Next

First off, I want to again thank all of you who backed and/or helped promote the 3024AD Kickstarter. Extra special thanks to all of you who took the time to drop me a tweet/message/email/smoke signal about it after it crashed and burned.

About that:

What is next for 3024AD? I should point out here that the Kickstarter was never the end all, be all of the future of 3024AD- it certainly would have helped with some things, but things are really business as usual here at the 3024AD flying fortress of doom. Let’s address the hot topics in a fun FAQ-style-thing:

Will there be another Kickstarter? Nope.

Why the hell not? Mostly for the reasons I cited the other day. I don’t want to delay the actual release, running  campaign takes a lot of time and energy I could otherwise dedicate to writing and without any real guarantee of success, I’d really rather not (yes, I know it could be improved).

Aw, but I really wanted those rewards. And I really wanted you to have them. Don’t worry though, there will be ways of getting cool 3024AD stuff. More on that another day.

OK, so what about actually reading it? Not having another Kickstarter actually speeds up this process. The cover art will be simpler then I originally planned (I’ll pull back the curtain on that a little later), editing is nearly done and once it is, all that remains is to have it formatted. My goal is to have it available on ereaders by Thanksgiving. I am looking into print options, as well (if you have suggestions, please sent them my way).

What other cool things are on the horizon? Series Two will start up shortly over at www.3024AD.com, and will feature new characters in a new serial collection (although a couple familiar faces will pop in). The first full novel is also in the works, and should be completed by the end of the year.

I’ll have some more detailed info (and the cover reveal!) later, but for now, I wanted to give you the basic overview for the next couple steps. I really look forward to getting this is everyone’s hands and you all  (and everyone else) getting to read some quality, fun scifi. Thank you, as always.



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