Kickstarter Journal: Post Mortem

That’s all for the Kickstarter, folks. Thanks for being a part of it, even if it wasn’t funded. I won’t call it a failure, because it helped 3024AD reach new people and that is kind of the goal. Obviously, I would have preferred it get funded, but in any project you plan for all possible scenarios, and this was one of them. As usual, though, it’s something of an anomaly, as most projects that reach 30% funding will go on to be fully funded. So what went wrong?

The Video: Unfortunately, I think the first link in the chain was the weakest. The animation I am happy with, but my voice over is… uninspiring. The camera I had access to was pretty low quality and I wasn’t happy with the result, so there is no ‘face time’, which I think would have helped, even if it was 30 seconds at the end. If I did it again, I would invest in doing it professionally.

The Rewards: It took me maybe four hours after I launched to realize that I had screwed up the rewards, and by then it was too late. I left a significant gap between $25 and $50, which could have easily been filled. Granted, some of the pieces of art were contributed later, but I still could have filled it with something. In leaving those gaps, I took some good opportunities away. I also overpriced the named character rewards- at least for a minor character. I think if I had offered that at the $35 level from the beginning, this blog post is going in a very different direction.

Side note that backs all that up: Average Kickstarter pledge is $35, for 3024AD it was $27. Even with the same number of backers, that’s a $400 difference. There should have been more incentive to go from $25 to $35 or more.

The Pitch: I don’t feel too bad about it, but given that there was a decent number of interviews and guest posts that I did floating around out there, apparently I could have sold it better.

It’s not steampunk, zombie, Cthulu or sex-themed: Well, that’s just me being bitter, but there is certainly a popularity curve. The thing I have found with 3024AD is there is a layer people have to get past- once they do, they love it, fairly universally, but for some reason it lacks some manner of curb appeal.

I’ll have more on what is next for 3024AD in a separate post. For now, thank you again for all the support and for reading. It means more than you can possibly know.



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