Kickstarter Journal: The Last Day

So here it is, and we have a hill to climb, folks. 56% and $1,664 to go! The good news is that this is totally achievable, and achieve it we shall.

The fun thing about writing is that it is far from a solo undertaking. Well, the writing, strictly speaking, is. But then there is editing, formatting, artwork, marketing and all that, and those aren’t exactly my areas of expertise. All of those pieces and people exist to bring this book to you, the reader, and you actually play a large part in it. Your word of mouth is the best form of marketing there is, so please, help spread the word, both now and after 3024AD is actually published.

And if you haven’t backed yet, please go do so now– every little bit helps, and there are some rewards you can only get through this campaign.

Thank you again for all your support!



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