Kickstarter: On Value

A week or so into the Kickstarter, I checked my interactions on twitter and had a message from one Johnny Atomic asking what I thought of this piece of art:


I was pretty ok with it, obviously, because damn that’s awesome. Anyway, he said it was mine to use and use it I shall.

I created a new reward level for it, $55. Pretty cool, right? But a couple days ago I created another reward level, of $35, which rolls up into the $55 level. Let’s examine what $35 gets you:

  • The book
  • An exclusive short story. This will only ever be available through this Kickstarter.
  • Two bookmarks (signed, if you want)
  • 3024AD sticker pack
  • A signed postcard of the cover art (signed, with a note from me)
  • A character named after you in Short Stories- Series Two

Pretty good haul for $35, yeah? Add $20 and you add to that:

  • The first three chapters of the upcoming 3024AD novel
  • A full-size poster of  ‘Unforgiving’, signed by me.

So if you have some walls that are bare, want to be immortalized in SciFi and want some good reading material back 3024AD right now while you still can!


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