Kickstarter Journal: Hours

So the Kickstarter has now reached the point where is counts down hours, not days.

That’s not nerve wracking or anything. About that: Help my nerves by backing now! It’s like you get to be a doctor!
What, you want content, not me beating you over the head to back the Kickstarter? How about both?

Writing 3024AD is pretty much the funnest thing right now. I love sitting down and immersing myself in this universe. It’s just so fun to connect all the dots, see how story lines intersect and how characters and events are related.

This first collection of short stories serves as much as an introduction to 3024AD as anything. The main character of Digger, he of the mysterious past and malicious intent, ties the whole thing together. Connected to him- sometimes directly, other times, not so much- are characters who he crosses paths with who have their own stories told. A couple are disconnected, according to the proper of this collection, from him, but connect much later.

I also say introduction because some of the most influential events are not even described- but will be later, because it takes place directly in another story. The reams of notes I have are aching to be written, and I can’t get them fast enough. Series Two of the shorts starts in November, and the novel will be done by years end.

This is just the beginning folks. Thanks for coming along for the ride.



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