Kickstarter Journal: Two Weeks To Go!

This one isn’t terribly Kickstarter-themed as I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to add to that right now (I will next week, though). So pop over there, click the thing, and then come back here with a good cup of tea for some writing discussion. I recommend a good earl grey, light cream.


What I wanted to share today was the single best piece of writing advise I ever received. It has helped me over the years, and particularly in the development of the 3024AD universe. It is sort of my touchstone, the thing I always come back to and measure what I am doing against. Ready? Here it is:

Know why you write.

This might be redundant for some (all? I find that when something is an epiphany to me, most people are all “uh, Dean, we all knew that”), but it helped me a lot. You might write for a whole host of reasons. You might just want to tell a story. You might write to blow off stress and escape to another world. Or you might want to write a bestseller. But you should identify why you write.

Why, though? Allow me to use a writing analogy- if you start writing with no clear definition, it’s like writing a book with no ending in mind. It will ramble on forever and you’ll never accomplish anything with it. Even if you’re just writing ‘for yourself’, this is important as you’ll have an actual sense of accomplishment out of it. It is vastly more so if it is a commercial product. How many writers out there write and say they’ll finish it ‘one day’?  For most of them, that ‘one day’ never comes- lacking, in large part, any manner of goal or direction, not in story or content, but in overall objective.

Why do you write?


One thought on “Kickstarter Journal: Two Weeks To Go!

  1. David Winchester says:

    My favorite is even simpler: “Writer’s write,” or if you prefer “if you love something, do it every day.” I’m sick to death of people that talk about how they would really like to write X.

    So write it.

    Your quote though is something I associate with television strangely. Have an ending. Don’t try to extend your series three more seasons – plan a great ending and wonderful story arc, and then execute the plan.

    Keep it up!

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