Kickstarter Journal, day 2

Day two went roughly as I expected it to- a solid 6% gain, putting us right over $500. I wanted more, but if you’ve known me for more than five seconds, you already knew that. Either way, it was a good day. Now going into day three, the trick is to keep the momentum up.

How do we do that? For one, if you have thought about backing and haven’t yet- get on that. Your pledge does more than just fund 3024AD- it helps push it higher in the ‘popular’ list, which gets it even more attention and inspires others to pledge.

Spam your friends, kids.

No matter what, if you want to help, spreading the word is every bit as valuable. Twitter, facebook and other social media outlets are huge. Even better is direct word of mouth- and email or tweet directly to someone who likes science fiction will have a huge impact. Even if it’s only a few, every little bit helps.

From day three until the last few days of the project, there is a ‘tough’ where backing slows down- I want to avoid this as much as possible, and much of that depends on you, the readers, the backers, helping spread the word.

The faster the base goal is reached, the faster we can tackle stretch goals- which are awesome, if I do say so myself, and add rewards for almost every level.

So no matter how you support it, thank you!


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