Kickstarter Journal, Day One

What a day. I was nervous all morning until I got the approval email form Kickstarter, at which point I wanted to run laps around my office. I refrained, if you’re curious. But I was- am- excited. As I say in the Kickstarter about 10 times, this is something I am proud of and excited to share with everyone. So to move one step closer to 3024 existing in real, published format is really, really… exciting for me. I promise I will not use that word the rest of this post.

From there, I got to be nervous about a whole different set of things. I felt like the kid who moves to a new school and is worried about making friends. Then Laura Darby rescued me from that (which is doubly cool, because while she is awesome and fun, I didn’t know she was actually reading my stuff. Or maybe she just felt sorry for me. Crap, now I’m nervous again) and got the ball rolling. Now as I write this, we are 11% funded from 10 backers.

You guys rock. Even if you don’t chip in actual monies, words of encouragement and spreading the word mean every bit as much to me. So thanks to each and every one of you who has been a part of this in one way or another.

And, if you haven’t yet, please check it out and tell the whole world about it.

With that- Good night, and good luck.



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