So the Kickstarter campaign is just over a month away, starting in early October SEPTEMBER 25(!), and I wanted to put a little FAQ out there for it:

  • What rewards will there be? LOTS. I am honestly having trouble coming up with reward tiers for them all. This is mostly about what I can give away, so they are awesome. There will be an exclusive short story, original sketches by the cover artist, posters, bookmarks, the chance to appear in a story, have a character based on you or name a planet and much, much more. Oh, and the book. You’ll get that.
  • What exactly is the Kickstarter for? It is to cover the cost of editing, cover art, etc for the collection of short stories that are currently available at PLUS three shorts stories exclusive to the published version PLUS two of the existing shorts will be expanded. $5 will get you that, plus a short exclusive to the Kickstarter (see below).
  • What is the goal? $3,000. That covers all the reward and publishing costs. However, I want more than that, and not because I want a boatload of cash (well, kinda). I want this to be my career, and this is an opportunity to make that happen. There will be tiers of stretch goals, similar to what some other Kickstarter campaigns have done. Believe me, there will be strong incentive to reach these upper goals, including the next book, physical copies and much more. bUT $3,000 is the base goal.
  • Sounds awesome! What can I do! Tell everyone! Better yet, tell any blogs you know that I am available for interviews, reviews, guest spots on podcasts, etc. Even better, tweet it. Like it on facebook and share it that way.

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