The Future

Hey all,

I want to give you a brief update of where things are going to go from here with regard to 3024AD. Every week brings a new peak in readership, and I have each and every one of you to thank for reading and sharing it. This is the beginning of something big, and I hope you enjoy being a part of it. Get your hipster glasses on, because one day you can say “I was into that way before it was popular”.

About that:

Starting now soon, it will be on its own URL- It will look better, read better and allow me to do more with it. So, stay tuned for more on that.

Secondly, I have been hinting at the Kickstarter campaign for a while now. Here is the overview of what it will consist of:

  • Goal will be in the $3,000 range to epublish a collection of the shorts (PLUS three short stories exclusive to the published version)
  • Rewards will include bookmarks, posters, wallpapers, a KS exclusive short, preview of the novel and having a character named after you (plus more!)
  • There will be stretch goals out the ear, including physical copies of the book, artwork and editing for the novel, and much more.
  • Targeting early October to start this

Finally, I ask you, if you like what you’ve read, and want to see it in print, please please please tell everyone you know about it. The more eyes that are on it, the more backers the kickstarter has, the faster I can turn out more (and if you enjoy the shorts, hoo boy, will you like the novels. This is only scratching the surface).

Again, thank you!




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