Story Notes: Le Deformes Perverse Imitata

Unintended consequence of using a long Latin name: I have to type that sucker every time I tweet it/share it, and I am terrified I will misspell my own stories title.

About that:

It means “The Hideous Masquerade”, which I arrived at because I wanted the emphasize the metaphorical masquerade that was taking place, that everyone at the Trents the evening were masking themselves, though they wore no masks. Diggers motivation for doing so is obviously radically different than those who are posturing politically. However, I didn’t want to actually say masquerade in the title, as there are no literal masks. When I looked it up (my Latin is rusty!), and discovered ‘perverse imitata’ is masquerade, I knew I was on to something. I actually debated leaving it at just that, but wanted to emphasize the ‘hideous’ quality, and ‘deformes’ (that I at least remembered) calls to mind (hopefully) the grotesque quality that is the theme.

As to the story itself, I have been at a crossroads all week with Digger. His story arc concludes soon, but I don’t want it to. All is revealed and he holds less attraction without mystery surrounding him. As you will see, this story will circle around for his second story arc and we will meet some of the characters from this evening again (some of whom aren’t mentioned directly).
So, like ‘Ruins’, this serves to set up future stories as much as it is meant to be enjoyed for the present.

The narrative structure was intimidating to me- writing from the female perspective (as I am distinctly not female, even though I am a sensitive, 90’s kind of guy) always makes me nervous. I had this vision of women blowing me up on twitter with a bunch of “what were you thinking” type comments (actually, I get that  a lot anyway) . Fortunately my editor is female and I got good feedback on it, and not to much red ink, so I felt pretty good about it- still, until the first few positive comments from women came back, I sweated a bit.

And finally: Beautiful Thieves by AFI serves as a lot of inspiration for what is going on, if you want some fun visuals for it. Mostly for the mansion and Sabrinas dress.


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