Story Notes: The Crucible

After ‘Worlds End‘, I felt that there were some things left unresolved.  Digger is the only character in this series of shorts who I had a planned to have a ‘story arc’ beyond the one story he’s in (well, except for the characters who are in the novels), but I felt Mondego had a story to tell.  As I mentioned, I really like Magdalena as a character, as much for who she is as the effect she has on people.  In fact, I sort of prefer her this way- Enigmatic, inspiring Mondego to continue his work.  She haunts him and in doing so, is more defined than if the story was just about her.

At least, that’s what I was going for.  Insecure writer is insecure.

Similarly, I think Badger will be left alone.  I enjoy him ‘riding off into the sunset’- it suits him.  I’m sure he has stories worth telling, but I am not sure they need to be told.  He’s never had it easy, but I think he’ll be OK.

And so we leave Cadiz behind.  It won’t appear in another short, but we’ll be spending some time there in the future.  Next week will continue Diggers story, with what is actually a revised take on the first story I wrote with him- but more on that next week!

As always, thanks for reading.


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