Story Notes: Worlds Away

I covered a lot of this in the Ruins story notes, so I won’t rehash what I said earlier here, except I really like Digger.  He has a wonderful sandbox quality to him- I put him in a scenario and sit back and watch what happens.  I don’t get to do that in novels; every action (and its effects) must be weighted and calculated.  Digger, well, he’s just fun.  I hope you agree.

As to ‘Worlds Away‘, well, I hope you like tragedy, cuz it’s not pretty.

The female lead, Magdelena, was partially inspired by one of my favorite songs.  This story, to me is actually fairly musical.  There is a specific mood I wanted to craft for this story- slightly melancholy and bittersweet.  AFI and Smashing Pumpkins figured heavily into it.  Actually, ‘tonight, tonight’ capatures it pretty well, but with, you know, spaceships and death.  I guess the zeppelin in the video is kind of a spaceship, but I digress.

Where was I?  Ah, yes- Magdelena:  I really wanted you to live- I feel like you deserve to know that.  If you saw the outline I tweeted the other day, you may have noticed that the ending was omitted- I had to work to get that out of the picture, but it says ‘lives’ and ‘dies’ and I didn’t decide until I got there.  We saw little of her depth in that story; a young rebel in love is hardly unique, so I leave much of who she is up to your imagination.

For the next week (at least), I will resist myself and take a break from Digger to introduce a few other elements.  I have several outlines I haven’t used, so expect one of them next Friday!


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