Story Notes: The Ruins of New York (or, on Digger)

This one I wasn’t sure about.  Not because I didn’t like it, but it’s just kind of… there.  It’s the part of the story I don’t usually tell, the occurrence that I have in my head that lends depth to a character, but usually isn’t shared.

About that:

I like Digger.  I like him a lot.  When I first started writing him- not for this story- he was just going to be in the one short and that was it.  But he has a special depth to him, and lends himself to the type of adventures that the 3024 universe is home to.  So far, I have no less than four outlines for shorts sitting on my desk for him.  Now, he doesn’t lend himself to a novel- though I’m sure he will pop up- but his style is quick, usually action-filled, adventures (although there isn’t much action in Ruins).  That is exciting for me because shorts aren’t really my thing (you may have noticed I’m fairly verbose).

All of which leads to the Ruins of New York.  It’s sort of his origin story, if this were a comic book.  Obviously, he had a life prior to Ruins, which is heavily alluded to, and will be explored, but this is the catalyst for everything to come, where he’s bit by the spider, if you will.  When I wrote what will now be the third Digger short story, it just didn’t serve to introduce him properly.  Ruins- at the very least-tries to do that (in case you’re wondering, we’ll meet Faraday again, but it will be a while).

It also touches on something that is a fairly critical background element- America is straight up gone (which I realize is quite the un-fourth-of-July thing to write), as is China.  A couple stories will serve to introduce the major players on the galactic scene in the near future, so hopefully that whets your appetite for what is to come.

One last note: thank you all so much for reading and supporting this.  It’s off the beaten path, and the response has been overwheming.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or criticisms, or twitter @deanfortythree.


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